Father & Daughter Celebration
It's More Than A Dance...

Friday, Feb 21 & Saturday, Feb 22


  • The Best Man I Have Ever Known
  • Lyrics and music by Tara Rae

It’s a Love that I can’t describe
It’s the closest love to what God has for us
You love every flaw
Yeah, you love everything
Every mistake you still have been there for me

Dad, you are my friend
Dad, you are my hero
You’re compassionate and caring
Your love for people is overwhelming
God’s light shines right through you
Oh, I want to be like you
You’re the best man I’ve ever known
Your’e the best man I’ve ever known

So I need you to know
That as I grow older
Your love will never fade within my heart
I’ll always cherish everything that you taught me
And remember your love along the way

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